Faculty and Staff

Second Grade
Crystal Fields    cfields@russell.k12.va.us                                      Heather McGlothlin   hmcglothlin@russell.k12.va.us    
Angie Mitchell    amitchell@russell.k12.va.us                                 Heidi Snead             hevans@russell.k12.va.us                                       
Sue Snead        ssnead@russell.k12.va.us                                     John Rasnick           jrasnick@russell.k12.va.us
Third Grade
Tammy Adams                                        Sherry Bailey                                     Lora Chafin
Jan Fuller                                                 Jennifer Owens                                 Lori Stoots
Alisha Powers
Fourth Grade
Ashley Barrett                                          Becky Carter                                      Lisa Castle
Joyce Honaker                                          Misty Lambert
Angie Mullins                                           
Other Faculty
Kristi Clark- Title I Technology                          Kim Deel- Library
kclark@russell.k12.va.us                kdeel@russell.k12.va.us 
Tonya Barton- P.E.                                             Kristy Sparks- P.E.
tbarton@russell.k12.va.us                              ksparks@russell.k12.va.us
Rebecca Sykes- Music                                        Kim Mullins- I.D. with Multiple Disabilities
rsykes@russell.k12.va.us                               kimmullins@russell.k12.va.us 
Jane Horton- I.D.                                               Kelly Mullins - PALS
jhorton@russell.k12.va.us                              kmullins@russell.k12.va.us 

Debbie Bollinger-Title I Aide -Technology          Trish Naff- Aide - 4th Grade
dbollinger@russell.k12.va.us                          tnaff@russell.k12.va.us  
Carolyn Brown- Aide - 2nd Grade                       Tiny Shortridge- Nurse
cbrown@russell.k12.va.us                              tshortridge@russell.k12.va.us
Dana Stafford- Guidance Counselor                    Jennifer Sykes- Cafeteria Manager
dstafford@russell.k12.va.us                           jsykes@russell.k12.va.us
Carrie Woodlief- Prevention Specialist                Raysha Fields - Aide
carriewoodlief@hotmail.com                          rfields@russell.k12.va.us        
Teena Stevens- Aid                                            Amanda Bradley - Aide 
Lisa Statzer- Aide                                               Betty Gilmer - Aide - 3rd Grade
William Hughes
Brenda Gobble